Deanna (dr4b) wrote,

I deleted all my livejournal entries, though not the account.

If you look at my LJ now, this is the only entry you should and will see. I'm not going to be crossposting from Dreamwidth anymore. The Russian TOS thing was the last straw.

I deleted all of the entries, but didn't delete the account yet -- I want to be able to still read friends and communities on LJ (to see where the few remaining folks end up), but I just don't trust my own stuff being there anymore. Plus I had some pictures in LJ entries that are only referenced on DW -- it didn't import them over, so I need to take care of that at some point.

If you are here because you were looking for one of my old MIT Mystery Hunt summaries or other puzzle hunts or whatever, you can still find all of those over on my Dreamwidth journal, under the puzzle hunt tag.

If you are curious about how I deleted my journal entries without deleting the journal, I wrote the following Perl script, which will delete the most recent 50 entries from your journal:

use LJ::Simple;

# Log into the server
my $lj = new LJ::Simple ({
          user    =>      "putyourusernamehere",
          pass    =>      "putyourpasswordhere",
          site    =>      undef,
 (defined $lj)
    || die "$0: Failed to log into LiveJournal: $LJ::Simple::error\n";
my %Entries;   # hash to hold retrieved entries


foreach $entry (values %Entries) {
    my $entry_id = $entry->{"__itemid"};
    print "Deleting entry $entry_id\n";
    $lj->DeleteEntry($entry_id) || die "$0: Failed to delete journal entry\n";

Only catch is that LJ doesn't like it when you try to "post" over 500 times in an hour, so it kept throttling me and it took me 10 hours to delete all 4800 entries in my journal. Oops. Also the GetEntries function maxes out at fetching 50. I guess I could have just written a loop around this to run it 10 times but I was even more lazy.

It was pretty funny to watch as I kept deleting 500ish entries and my journal's most recent kept getting sent back a few years. Fortunately it's all mirrored on DW so I don't have to figure out a better solution for what to do with it all yet.

So, yeah. What are you all doing with your LJ accounts? Those of you who still use these platforms, I mean?
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