Deanna (dr4b) wrote,

Today's not-really funny food story

I ate lunch at Backyard.  They had BLT salad.  Which meant basically salad with bacon and tomatoes and pasta.  So good.  I only had a small bowl of it though.

Anyway, I was being good today too, except we were supposed to go meet with a florist/decorator tonight for wedding arrangements, and then they cancelled on us (for the second time... I don't think we're going to use these guys) and so our wedding planner suggested that we meet up anyway so she could go over some stuff with us.

She had us meet up at a fancy chocolatier in Palo Alto!

A week ago I would have been totally psyched for a spontaneous "chocolate tasting" as it were -- and the proprietor was telling us about all these options for how to do gift boxes and whatnot with chocolate, or have a truffle arrangement, and so on... and the chocolates were delicious!  We got to try a whole bunch of them and he even gave us a bunch to take home (and while we were sitting in the shop going over some stuff with our planner he came by like "Did I not have you guys try our caramels?  Here, take some of those too" and dropped a pack of them into my bag).  They were so good and all I could think was HOLY CRAP THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO LOWER MY TRIGLYCERIDES AARRRRRGHGHHH SO YUMMY

Well, anyway, we have some interesting possibilities for chocolate if we want to go that route.  And we did have semi-healthy dinner at the Local 251 restaurant.  But damn, the universe is conspiring against me, I swear.
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