Deanna (dr4b) wrote,

Funny food story (not really)

So, I am trying to figure out how to lower triglycerides, which basically means I need to lose weight.  This is really hard when working at Google because there's always yummy delicious fattening carbs and sugars around.

Anyway, yesterday I was pretty good (half a sandwich for lunch, some rice and chicken for dinner, and only one fun-size chocolate bar and a mini-cupcake because dammit they had cupcakes in the kitchen).

Today for lunch I was going to go over to Fishfood -- one of the newer and better cafes on campus -- because they had mac'n'cheese and fried chicken and cornbread and brisket and god knows what else.  I was planning to just get half a serving of mac'n'cheese and limit to that.

But I showed up at 11:45am -- which normally would be empty -- and it was packed with the chicken/mac'n'cheese line going out the door!

So I decided I didn't feel like waiting in the long line and went to Backyard to get a salad.  No eggs, no cheese, no avocado on it, and only a little bit of ranch dressing (I suck because the salad dressings I like are all creamy and bad for you, but I think maybe if I just use less, I'll be okay?).  And half a fudge brownie instead of a whole one.

Funny to me is that part how my desire to wait in line was a lot less than my desire to eat things that aren't good for me to be eating.

I don't necessarily think that I should cut out all of the food that I enjoy eating here, but I'll have to figure out a way to limit it.  Maybe even just taking half as much as I would have before, or trying to put everything in to-go boxes or some smaller container.  I'm going to try this for a week or two and see how it goes...
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