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So I went to Pacific Eye Care Optometry on June 24 for my first eye exam in... ever, possibly.

Bad news: I got glasses :(
Good news: Google's eye insurance is crazy good.

I had been getting weird headaches and blurry vision during work for a while.  I'd usually just step away from the computer and go to the minikitchen or whatever until it cleared up. So I decided to see an eye doctor because this was really mostly happening at work, AND because I've noticed in the last few years that I often need to make fonts bigger to read things comfortably, and when I'm at baseball games I sometimes can't tell the difference between 3's and 8's (and 6's and 9's depending on font) on scoreboards.

I've never had glasses before, despite that everyone in my family has them and I stare at computer screens a lot and I'm getting old.

Anyway, Dr. Zaum was really cool and the office is super-convenient (it's right by the Krispy Kreme on the other side of the highway on Rengstorff; I was able to ride my bike there from campus in like 5-10 minutes) and she did all kinds of tests on my eyes and pretty much everything is fine except that I have mild astigmatism which is why things are blurry. It was pretty crazy seeing what everything looked like when there were corrective lenses applied (like the letters would just go from blurry to clear).

I think the last time I did anything eye-related would be when I got my CA driving license like 3-4 years ago, but at the time I was able to pass their vision test without any problem. Dr. Zaum said that I'm legal to drive since my overall vision is 20/30 but that my right eye is 20/50 and if both my eyes were that bad, combined I wouldn't be legal. Not that I drive much anyway; I wonder what the vision requirements are for biking 3 miles to campus.

Google's insurance apparently covers us for 3 pairs of glasses. I'm already freaked out about having one pair, so I'm just doing that for now, but she said it wouldn't be unreasonable to get a pair for sitting by the computer and a pair of sunglasses for riding bikes.  I did get the progressive glasses that darken when you get UV light on them and turn into virtual sunglasses.

Pretty sure I'm incapable of getting contacts given how freaked out I got when she poked lights at my eyes and things like that.

The glasses came in on July 2nd.  Chris and I went to Chicago for the weekend, from the 2nd to the 5th (we had July 2-3 off from work) and so of course I landed at ORD and got the voicemail about the glasses and couldn't pick them up until today.

This morning I got Chris to drive me over to get them, so he could also look at computer glasses -- he doesn't wear glasses either but has been saying that staring at a screen all day feels weird to him lately.  So he did that while I got my glasses.  It's mostly just WEIRD to be wearing them so far.  I fully realize they make things more clear than they were before -- it's striking to take them off and look at something and then put them on and it's like everything goes into focus.

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