Deanna (dr4b) wrote,

my ankle saw its shadow and now i have two more weeks of wearing a cast

Just as a reminder:
June 6: move to mountain view
June 8: acquire bicycle
June 10, evening: take curb at bad angle in the dark, twisting leg underneath bicycle.
June 11-June 29: Treat as if sprained ankle
June 30: Get x-ray, find out ankle is actually broken
July 1: Get cast for broken ankle
July 1-21: What we will call "Adventures of Chrome Cast Girl" as I go around wearing a blue cast with Chrome stickers all over it, paint my toenails blue, try to cheerfully get through my 3 weeks of wearing a cast for my ankle to get better, begging rides off people, etc, etc.
July 22: Get the Chrome cast taken off, and now starting 2 weeks of Black is the new Chromecast.

Basically, I went to the doctor today, they sawed off my old cast, had me limp over for X-rays, and he's like "you still need to wear a cast for another 2 weeks or so.  It's healing, but it's still at a point where it could easily be displaced or bruised."

So I got a new cast put on.  I could choose colours again, so I decided to go with black.  I figure it's partially because I'm bummed out about the cast at all, but also I'm figuring I can match clothes to it a bit better.

Can't believe I have to wait two more weeks to clean off my right leg :(
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